Law Enforcement give a whole new meaning to "protect and serve" at Tip-A-Cop fundraisers. Officers serve as celebrity waiters at restaurants, and they donate all the tips they receive to Special Olympics. Tip-A-Cop has been a favorite way for officers to raise money, and the public loves to have the officers wait on them hand and foot.

Tip-A-Cop in Your Region

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How to Host a Tip-a-Cop

Ready to host your own Tip-A-Cop? It’s a fun, easy way to help the Law Enforcment Torch Run movement and engage the public. Plus, you don’t have to do it alone!

The events are simple

Law enforcement staff assist restaurant servers, educate the public on Special Olympics Southern California and LETR, and collect additional “tips” to benefit local Special Olympics athletes.

Below is a breakdown of the process to ensure your Tip-A-Cop event is successful. Please contact Mark McCorkle at mmccorkle@sosc.org with any questions.

The Law Enforcement Agency will:

  • Contact your SOSC Region LETR Liaison
  • Identify a restaurant
  • Publish the Tip-A-Cop date on social media, the agency’s website and encourage constituents to attend
  • Provide personnel to serve at the event (officers, volunteers, reserves, explorers, and professional staff)
  • Educate the public and ask for "tips"

Special Olympics will:

  • Publish date and restaurant info to our athletes and families
  • Provide signs and flyers for the restaurant prior to the event
  • Submit press release to local newspaper, Facebook, Special Olympics website and other media outlets
  • Promote Special Olympics through display
  • Special Olympics T-shirts and other items for donations
  • Provide staff/volunteers and athletes to assist the officers

Restaurants will:

  • Provide a meal for the law enforcement before or after their shift
  • Post signs / flyers regarding upcoming Tip-A-Cop events
  • Set aside a space for a Special Olympics information table