San Luis Obispo County Athlete Input Council (AIC)

Bill Martell

Position: Athlete, AIC Member
I train and compete in floor hockey, softball, and basketball. Special Olympics has given me the opportunity to play sports and that is cool. Before, that was not possible, but now it is. We have a lot of special people on the AIC. It is the best bunch of people you could ever meet.

Dana Miller

Position: Athlete, AIC Member
I enjoy Special Olympics because I like making new friends and hanging out with new and old friends. I am doing AIC because I like coming up with ideas and asking questions. I compete in basketball, soccer, softball, bocce, floor hockey, and gymnastics. My favorite sport is bowling. There are a lot of great friends and cute guys at Special Olympics. That is where I met my boyfriend.

Jacob Marselek

Position: Athlete, Global Messenger, AIC Member
I am a Global Messenger and an AIC board member. I've been in Special Olympics for 24 years. I enjoy floor hockey, basketball, softball, and bowling. I have been doing the AIC for the past year. I enjoy coming up with ideas to help support Special Olympics. I have made lots of friends over the years and that is why I enjoy Special Olympics.

Jon Geisler

Position: Athlete, Global Messenger, Presidential Global Messenger, AIC Member
In the past 14 years with Special Olympics, I have trained and competed in skiing, floor hockey, basketball, softball, track and field, gymnastics, volleyball, soccer and tennis. Some of these are sports I have done and some are sports I still do. I am with our local AIC. I think it is a great thing to be in. I love what I do and I bring fun to the group. My family are very important to me - they support me in all that I do. I also have a girlfriend.

Kris Anderson

Position: Athlete, Global Messenger, AIC Member, SOSC AIC Member
I think the AIC group is an excellent group. We get to have fun. I wish I was doing even more in Special Olympics. I am a member of the AIC group and help Special Olympics. This means a lot to me because I like spreading the word about Special Olympics and getting more people involved. My sports are the softball throw and the 10m walk and the 25m walk. Special Olympics means a lot to me because I get to make new friends and get in shape.

Krissy Heflin

Position: Athlete, Global Messenger, AIC Member, SOSC AIC Member
I play bocce ball in Special Olympics. I participate in the local Area Meet. I have done track and field at the Area Meet but last year and this year I am doing bocce. When I did track and field, I competed in the 50m, 100m and 200m races, as well as the standing long jump. As an athlete, I'm also on the Athlete Input Council and I'm a Global Messenger. I really enjoy being on the AIC because I feel that I can help make Special Olympics a better program and I love making suggestions. When I am not training or helping Special Olympics, I work part-time at Trader Joe's in San Luis Obispo.

Kristen Arias

Position: Athlete, Global Messenger, AIC Member
I am a Gold Medal Athlete. I play soccer, basketball, and floor hockey. I am also learning golf. I am a Global Messenger for SLO County.

Raymond Castro

Position: Athlete, AIC Member
I compete in wheelchair events with Special Olympics. I like to be involved with the AIC because I can let everyone know what we are doing.

Wes Maxwell

Position: Athlete, AIC Member
I have been an athlete for a long time! For my first eight years I did basketball and powerlifting. From every year there after, I was either running or playing golf. My personal best in the marathon is 3:57:00. I love to communicate and participate with different levels of sports and to help other people become involved. I also like to share my ideas to make Special Olympics a lot stronger and to get feedback from others.