The Special Olympics / Lions Club International Opening Eyes® program is a vision and eye health screening in partnership with the Lions Club International Foundation.

Led by volunteer vision care professionals, Opening Eyes is able to offer prescription eyewear, sunglasses, and sports goggles to Special Olympics athletes.


The Opening Eyes screening takes approximately 30-45 minutes and includes the following tests:

Vision check

Vision check (far and near)

Color vision

Color vision

Stereo (3-D) vision

Stereo (3-D) vision

Eye alignment

Eye alignment and muscle movement

Eye pressure

Eye pressure

Front inside eye exam

Front of the eye and inside the eye evaluation

An additional test may be included depending on the screening outcomes.

Every athlete who needs vision correction is provided with a free pair of glasses and/or sports goggles. Sometimes the athletes will receive their new glasses that day. For athletes who do not need prescription glasses,
they may receive free sunglasses and swim goggles.


Fit Feet


Health Promotion

Healthy Hearing

Opening Eyes

Special Smiles