The Healthy Hearing program is a free hearing screening designed to ensure proper audiological care for Special Olympics athletes.

Led by volunteer professionals, Healthy Hearing provides tests for ear wax and inner ear health.


Healthy Hearing screenings take approximately 10 minutes and the process may include:

Ear canal exam

Examination of ear canals for the presence of earwax

Hearing impairment exam

Measurement of sounds in the inner ear to test for hearing impairment

Middle ear screening

Middle ear screening

Pure tone screening

Pure tone screening

Noise protection

Noise protection universal earplugs or make custom fitted earplugs

During the screening, clinicians will also assist with hearing aid repair, answer any questions, and work with the families to improve any conditions that may impede an athlete's hearing.

The clinicians will use the following techniques during the screening:

Placing a small soft plug in the athlete's ear for one minute to check their hearing

Athletes will wear earphones and raise their hands when they hear a soft beep

A tiny flashlight will be used in the athlete's ears to look for unusual things that may be stuck in the ear



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Health Promotion

Healthy Hearing

Opening Eyes

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