Healthy Athletes

Special Olympics Healthy Athletes provides accessible information, resources, systems and policies at the individual, community, national and global levels that support Special Olympics Southern California athletes in realizing sustainable healthy and productive lives.


Team Wellness

Team Wellness is a unique health and wellness program designed for individuals with and without intellectual disabilities. Participants are led by a trained Wellness Coach and receive guidance, direction, and encouragement.


Health & Fitness Booths

Health and Fitness Booths have been integrated into Regional and School Games to not only enhance the athlete experience but also to educate and engage athletes, parent’s, guardians, and coaches in health and fitness. At this booth, we encourage athletes to visit Healthy Athlete disciplines when they are available at events and we educated coaches, parents, and guardians about the importance of Healthy Athletes. In addition, we take samples of the Team Wellness manuals to explain our Team Wellness Programs to everyone in hopes of getting them interested to join a Team Wellness group in their area.

Sideline Care by Kaiser

Kaiser Permanente has been a major supporter of Special Olympics Southern California athletes. This includes donating their time and supplies and providing medical care at all major competitions.


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