The 2017 Fall Games attracts more than 1,100 athletes from across Southern California who will competed for gold, silver, and bronze medals and ribbons in bowling, soccer, softball, tennis and volleyball

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from the 2016 Fall Games

Moments & Fun Facts

Jose Hreish is a returning Special Olympics floor hockey athlete from Garden Grove. After a 9 year break, he made his comeback this year. Jose wants to become a Global Messenger and to get the word out to help the organization grow. He feels being a part of Special Olympics is a great way to make friends.

Christina Tedesco, 46, bowled a 279 to be placed 1st in her division! She says she's practiced, practiced, practiced, and it has all paid off. Christina says she has bowled her whole life and she practices every week. This Parkway bowler is going home with the gold!

Roman has participated in Special Olympics for 12 years. He has competed in aquatics, tennis, bowling, volleyball and this is his 3rd year competing in floor hockey. Roman's favorite part about the Games is playing hard and winning, as well as making his dad proud.

Bowling Photos

Check out some of the photos we got this morning during the first half of bowling competition!


Welcome to Bowling & Floor Hockey

Fall Games Bowling and Floor Hockey competition kicked off at 9 a.m. Bowling is taking place at Fountain Bowl in Fountain Valley and floor hockey is happening at The Rinks in Huntington Beach. Floor hockey competition is featuring our 2017 Winter Special Olympics World Games contenders: The El Cajon Gulls! Come on out and enjoy a day filled with inspiration and lively competition. Admission is free and open to the public.

Sunday, November 13 at the Games

The Games continue today Sunday, November 13 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Fountain Valley Sports Park. Athletes will continue their journies toward winning medals and ribbons in soccer, softball, tennis and volleyball. Admission is free and open to the public. In addition to the competition, the event offers a festival area with games for people of all ages, a Young Athletes Festival, and Healthy Athlete screenings. We hope to see you at the Games!

If you can't make it out on Sunday, the Fall Games will continue on December 4 of Bowling at Fountain Bowl in Fountain Valley and Floor Hockey at The Rinks in Huntington Beach.

Moments & Fun Facts

Monica, 44 (right), has been playing softball for two years and looked forward to taking her game to the next level today alongside her role model and teammate, Katie Keeler (left), 27. These partners-in-crime play for Ventura County and couldn't wait to play in Fall Games.

John, 9 of Antelope Valley, stretched it out with his role model and coach, Brian Groff. Groff is a military veteran and inspires his team everyday to play their best and encourage not only their teammates but opposing teams as well, embodying the Special Olympics oath.

Ramon, #10 of the Wildcats, scored three goals today in a 4-2 victory against the Green Mojaves. JB Wagoner, executive director of Arc Mid-Cities the organization behind the Wildcats, says Ramon is their star player. Ramon hopes to mirror role model, Chicharito of the Mexican soccer team, and continue his scoring streak and hopefully earning the gold.

Day One Photos

Enjoy a few of the moments we caught on November 12 at Fall Games!


Parents Who Care

The OC Tigers were one of the volleyball teams to compete at the first day of the 2016 Special Olympics Southern California Fall Games. Joann Waldron came to cheer on her son, Peter, at today’s games. Being a 37 year veteran grounds keeper at Fairview Hospital, Peter is no stranger to hard work. It was this work ethic that qualified him to compete at Special Olympics World Games in Alaska and win a gold medal for downhill skiing.  The experience inspired them to volunteer together at the 2015 World Games in Los Angeles as dignitaries and encouraged Peter to try other sports.

Joann is thankful to Special Olympics for helping make her relationship with her son stronger. “Peter’s  teammates all call me ‘Mom’”, said Joann as she watched her son play. It is just this bond of the traditional and extended family that encourages Special Olympics athletes to do their best.

Meet Naveed

Naveed is a 29 year old from Los Angeles, and has been part of Special Olympics for six months now. He is extremely excited about competing today. Although he plays baseball, his favorite part of Special Olympics is watching soccer, and he is inspired by and strives to be like Landon Donovan.

Opening Ceremony

Special Olympics Southern California is proud to welcome Cozmo, mascot of Special Olympics longtime partner the LA Galaxy! Cozmo joined the 2016 Fall Games opening ceremony on Saturday, November 12 to get our amazing athletes pumped up for the day.