Bowling 2018
Coach of the Season

Jackie Hartmann

Hometown: Santa Clarita

Please join the SOSC family in congratulating Jackie Hartmann as recipient of the 2018 Bowling Coach of the Season award! Jackie got involved with Special Olympics in 1997 when her daughter joined our organization as a track athlete. Not one to stand on the sidelines, Jackie became a coach and soon after that, she organized the first Bowling Championship. Shortly after that, she became the head bowling coach, which she has been for 14 years. Jackie told us that her daughter, Keri, has grown so much and seen many opportunities from her involvement in SO; her son, Daniel, loved these athletes so much that he has become a coach as well, alongside Jackie and her husband. “Special Olympics has played a vital role in my family's life. From the beginning of our involvement, everyone in our family was positively affected.” The SOSC family not only brings these exceptional athletes together, but her own family as well. She says seeing athletes grow and learn brings joy to them and her. When she isn’t coaching, Jackie works for non-profits in Santa Clarita, the SO Leadership Committee, working on her photography, and traveling.

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