Support athletes with intellectual disabilities one tax return at a time!

Do you pay taxes in California? There’s now a quick, easy way that you can support the thousands of children and adults with intellectual disabilities in California with the Special Olympics Fund.


The Special Olympics Fund is a new addition to the voluntary contributions section on your California income tax form. The California income tax form includes the option to voluntarily contribute a designated amount of your tax return to a number of notable causes throughout the state.

For the first time, Special Olympics will be included as one of the participating nonprofit organizations, benefitting athletes through both Special Olympics Northern California and Special Olympics Southern California.

How do I Donate

It’s easy!

  • Please note: some tax software hides the voluntary contributions form so look closely for it.
  • When preparing your California income tax form, go to the contributions section on Side 4 of Form 540 or Side 3 of Form 540-2EZ.
  • Enter the amount that you wish to donate to the Special Olympics Fund in the box on Line 434. Please enter whole dollars, only. The Franchise Tax Board does not accept change.
  • That’s it! Submit your tax form as usual, making sure to include the voluntary contributions section. And remember, this donation is tax deductible when you do next year’s taxes!


How Your Donation Helps

Special Olympics provides free sports training and programs to athletes with intellectual disabilities. Your donation helps covers costs like: