Special Olympics Southern California would not exist today without the expertise, time, and enthusiasm of its volunteers. They are on the sports field guiding the athletes through drills. They are behind the scenes ensuring events run properly. And they are giving and receiving more high fives and hugs than they can count.



Through the power of sports, Special Olympics athletes inspire hope and a belief in a brighter future for global acceptance, understanding, and unity for people of all abilities.



Every Special Olympics event is unique and offers a different experience. Volunteering is a great way to break your daily routine and learn something new.



Special Olympics is the worlds largest sports organization for people with intellectual disabilities. Join the billions of supporters from across the globe and volunteer.


We are seeking volunteers throughout the year to work day of at competitions and fundraisers, serve as coaches, manage events and competitions, work on marketing campaigns, and assist around the office. Complete the following form if you are interested in volunteering and we will get back to you as soon as we can!



Sports Training Volunteers

This position is for individuals who want to be out on the practice field or court, ready to help the athletes with drills and skill development, but not quite ready to take on a leadership position. Sports Volunteers are responsible for assisting coaches with sports training and competitions as assigned by the coach.




Special Olympics Southern California would not exist today without the energy and enthusiasm of its coaches, assistant coaches, and sports volunteers. Coaches not only work directly with the athletes to improve their skills in sports, but they also act as role models who teach the athletes about character, sportsmanship, courage, ability and personal growth.



Fall Games on November 14 and 15

Don't miss your chance to become one of the 3,400 volunteers needed to hit this event out of the ball park and create a transformative experience for the 1,100 athletes with intellectual disabilities who will compete (Please note that the minimum age to volunteer at Fall Games is 14 years old.) Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.


Healthy Athletes

Special Olympics Healthy Athletes® provides free health exams in a fun, welcoming environment that removes the anxiety that often accompanies a visit to a doctor or dentist. This program is offered at Summer Games and Fall Games as well as select local competitions. Medical professionals of podiatry, optometry, hearing, dental, dietary and fitness are needed for this program. To volunteer, please email healthyathletes@sosc.org


Medical & First Responders

At every competition, our volunteer medical team ensures the safety and health of our athletes. From a simple trip on the shoelaces to a game time injury, these volunteers can handle any situation. Stay tuned in here as more information becomes available for Fall Games 2015.



Internships are available across many departments in the regional offices as well as our headquarters in Long Beach. Some of the internships offered include marketing & communications, special events, volunteer management, and more.

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Dan Weiner

Dan Weiner

Region: Santa Barbara
Number of years involved in Special Olympics: 18

Dan Weiner has been an incredible role model to the athletes of Special Olympics Santa Barbara. He goes above and beyond in his role as a volunteer and serves as an important conduit of communication between our athletes and staff members. In constantly seeking to improve the lives of our athletes through his service as a volunteer, Dan’s positivity is infectious among athletes and volunteers alike. Special Olympics Santa Barbara is proud to be able to recognize Dan for his life-changing contributions to our athletes.

In his 18 years with Special Olympics, Dan has been involved at many different levels. He began his involvement as a staff member with Special Olympics, employed through the City of Santa Barbara. During Dan’s management of sports and volunteer programs, Special Olympics Santa Barbara witnessed incredible growth and prosperity. Many of the community contacts, volunteers and athletes recruited under his leadership are still involved today. Dan helped lay the foundation for Special Olympics Santa Barbara today.

In addition to volunteering with Special Olympics, Dan also coaches a power wheelchair soccer team in Santa Barbara. His passion for individuals with disabilities is evident in his clear desire to see individuals succeed and grow through participation in sports. His coaching technique is effective and simple—he treats Special Olympics athletes the same as any other athlete and demands that they respect themselves as such. Athletes that work with Dan gain confidence improve skill and learn to enjoy the challenges and rewards of sports. It is because of Dan’s passion for individuals with disabilities that we were able to offer a wheelchair soccer match as part of our first annual Soccer School Games in 2013. Under Dan’s supervision and leadership, students in wheelchairs were finally able to experience the thrill of a competitive soccer match with other students their age.



On April 19, 2015, Ticky Gorin was honored by Special Olympics Orange County with the Outstanding Volunteer Award.