2011 KTLA One-Hour Special (Page 3)

Learn more about our inspiring athletes, volunteers, and sponsors by viewing clips from the One-Hour Special that aired on KTLA (Channel 5) on Saturday, May 28, 2011.

Wells Fargo Gives Back

Wells Fargo has been one of Special Olympics Southern California's leading sponsors since 1998. Each year, Wells Fargo donates $75,000 and hundreds of volunteer hours. Wells Fargo employees say they learn important lessons about empathy and overcoming adversity. For details on sponsorships, visit our Corporate Giving page.

The Brousseau Family

Lynn Brousseau has created an incredible support system for her family. They approach everything in life as one unit. So when Shailah Brousseau was invited to compete at the 2011 World Games, there was no doubt that the entire family would accompany her and cheer her on.

Officers Inspired by Special Olympics Athletes

In 2010, Long Beach hosted the International Law Enforcement Torch Run Conference. 1,100 officers came to support Special Olympics. The event capped the most successful fundraising year for Southern California law enforcement. They raised more than $1 million for Special Olympics.

Showcasing Pride, Courage, and School Spirit

Special Olympics Southern California's School Partnership Program creates sporting events and activities that encourage youth participation, acceptance, and leadership in local schools. For more information, please visit our School Partnerships section.

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