2011 KTLA One-Hour Special (Page 2)

Learn more about our inspiring athletes, volunteers, and sponsors by viewing clips from the One-Hour Special that aired on KTLA (Channel 5) on Saturday, May 28, 2011.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Thing

Marco Martinez has spent a lot of his life looking for a place to fit in. A few years ago Marco found the Abram Freedman Occupational Center. At the center, he discovered his passion for creating signs and made lifelong friends. Change the life of an athlete like Marco by making a donation.

Making it to the Finish Line

Robert Ward hasn't let problems with his eyesight and hearing keep him from his joy of running. He has completed three marathons and loves crossing the finish line each time. But what he enjoys more is running with his father Jack. You can help change the lives of athletes like Robert by making a donation.

No Limitations

Chris Kevari was lucky to be born into not just a family but a team. From day one, Chris, who has Down syndrome, has been an integral part of his supportive family. His friends and family say that he is an icon in the city of Redlands and is a big part of who the community is. Support athletes like Chris by becoming a volunteer.

Be a Fan of Confidence

Through family support, pride, and Special Olympics, Angelo has gained the confidence to accomplish his goals and become independent. But Special Olympics has done more than change Angelo’s life. It has changed his parent’s lives as well. You can help change the lives of athletes like Angelo by making a donation.

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