Lindsey M. Newman

Determination Leads Lindsey to a Better Life

As an athlete with Down syndrome, Lindsey Newman knows she has limitations, but she accepts them and doesn't let them stop her from being the best that she can be.

Whether she is competing in a Special Olympics event, speaking in front of thousands of people, or working at Vons, Lindsey doesn't let obstacles keep her behind.

Lindsey's passion, competitive nature, and fun-loving spirit have guided her to a successful life.

"Lindsey has many remarkable talents," said Julie Newman, Lindsey's mother and a former Olympic figure skater. "She is an inspiration to her three siblings and has always been very supportive of them. Lindsey is the glue that holds our family together."

Those remarkable talents include giving a speech at her high school graduation – a highlight in her life. Not just because she received a standing ovation, but because she was following in her sister, Nicole's, footsteps. To Lindsey, it proved she was accepted by her peers.

Lindsey has expanded her relationships within the community by working as a courtesy clerk at Vons since 2007. Working at Vons has assisted her in developing better communication skills, learning how to think analytically, and becoming self-reliant.

"I love working at Vons and like to see my friends," said Lindsey. "Everybody there is always very nice and supportive."

When she is not working at Vons, Lindsey can be found competing in sports and dancing. Lindsey has been a Special Olympics athlete since 1998 and competes in basketball, tennis, and bocce. Most recently, she proudly represented Southern California at the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games in New Jersey.

"I love to be active and exercise all the time," said Lindsey. "I got this competitive spirit from my parents and siblings as they have always pushed me."

Lindsey's drive has also led her to live independently. Four days a week, she lives by herself in a condo. She gets to cook, clean, enjoy life, and be herself.

"Lindsey works, goes to school, and does all the things we do," said Don Newman, Lindsey's father. "We all have gifts. We all have talents. We all develop in different ways. Lindsey makes the most with what she has."

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