2010 Summer Games

Games Organizing Committee Volunteers

IMAGE: Athletes hold a thank you sign.

Thank You!!!

"Thank you to the Games Organizing Committee volunteers and for your time and effort towards making this event a success." - Bill Fields, Games Director, and Michelle Abel Taillon, Competition Director.

Karen Davis, Richard Davis – Aquatics

Bradley Angel – Athletics

Gar Finley, Joanne Nakata – Basketball

John Lange, Terry Slattery – Bocce

Teri Ulbricht – Golf

Maureen Miller – Gymnastics

Barbara Anderson – Support Services

Ken Taylor, Dr. Steven Nishibayashi – Medical Services

Lisa Humphrey– Awards

Mark Abrams, Mark Lidikay – Communications/Radios

Cynda Logsdon – Family Pavilion

Mose Marseille, Phil Nemy – G-Team

Karina Cruz-Morales – Athlete Meal Services

Sarah Robinson – Saturday Night Celebration, Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Al Horton, Ed Palacios – Security

An athlete smiles as she receives her third medal at Summer Games.Carol Egenias, Don Smith, Chris Huff– VONS lunches

Tyler Metzel – Delegation Arrivals

Atif Moon – Delegation Services

Orlando Bullocks – Environmental Services

Pat Lynch – Evaluation

Jim Reynolds– Venue Development

Carol Schreiber – Sports Expo Stage

Janice Itnyre, Lorey Spohr, Richard Graves, Eunice Myung, Danielle Cheung, Hope Wills, Kristine Huang, Judy Montgomery – Healthy Athletes

Melissa Newman – Summer Games Program

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